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BSE Designed Websites, Associated Websites & Organisations, Work Opportunities,

This is where to look for new opportunities in your area. It also contains a list of all associated BSE web sites; maybe someone can help you there.

BSE Designed Websites

An online Business Directory, Information and Interactive website based on Commerce, Politics, Society, Sport, Energy, Communications and Tourism in Zambia. With Blogs, Forums, Auctions, Event Bulletins and Chat rooms. Designed by BSE.
Having met Moses Makhanya Banda and decided it was the best place to start printing my CDs , he told me he needed a new web designer for his business website. MOBM Limited special in Tonners, priting, office equipment and stationary from all major brands and label.
The Global Catholic Non-Profit organisation Saint Vincent De Paul has in Zambia finally established a website and online presence with the services of BSE. Read their constitution and rule book and their duties and services here and maybe you can assist or be assisted here.
House of Tonners Ltd in Zambia are amongst the best providers of printing and IT Solutions. The supply Stationary, Printers & Pcs/ Laptops and various other office solutions around the country.
A leading importer and supplier of all auto mechanic parts adn accessories for all major brands and models including Isuzu, BMW, Toyota, Lexus, VW and others.
Livingstone International University of Tourism Excellence and Business Management has, since it founding less than 10 yrs ago, continued to grow into one the most professional University and Tertiary Education centres in Zambia. It offers Introductory certificate to PhD Degrees in several fields including Business, IT, Hospitality, Social Sciences and more. Recent 2012 winners of The International Star Awar in Excellence- Paris 2012
The World Association for Business Administration and Management Professionals is a global organisation, with offices in America and Zambia, that gives members the opportuity to network and excel their qualifications and careers.
A brand new local and international airline in Zambia that is set to launch in January 2014. It will cover all local destinations in Zambia and International destinations include London, Cairo, Dubai and New York.
The Lutheran Church are currently embarked in their second year of this Malaria Project in Zambia that is set to spread to all of Sub- Saharn Africa. Investigate any additional info you may require at their official website here.
A leading Architect and Town planner in Zambia with works all around sub- shaharan Africa.
An about to launch in Zambia construction and City development firm.
The official website of Christian Brothers Changa Changa Primary School in Mazabuka, a non profit children's education organisation with christian visitng and volunteer staff from all over the world

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Associated Websites & Organisations

With a lot of old school friends on this network I'm not sure if it' s not more of a burden than an aid but it has got some cool ways of keeping in touch and videos can be embedded on your profile.
Read and interact with the latest Styles MC & Bomb Shelter Entertainment bulletins and coverage on this Twitter page.
Another highly interactive music promotion and distribution website that is networked to FaceBook, Twitter and other known friend finders. Also a current distributor of BSE music. The BSE Online clothing store where you can purchase Hoodies, T-shirts, caps, bags and various other merchandise in BSE colors.
This is the official BSE Youtube channel with all kinds of studio footage from live Rugby, Live concerts and performances, Street Freestyles, Booty shoots and other funny anecdotes.
A rated Music network site for those with big chart hopes.
A major music networking site in Scandanavian europe that allows users to upload and download sum wicked eclectic styles of Hip Hop and House..
The official Styles MC myspace page with links to Twitter and Facebook.
an awesome musical website with chart ratings for all genres of music, it also allows you to sell, stream and distribute your music with high functionality. Still waiting to receive a check though.
A musicians' networking site.
A new interactive friend finder, making a lot of nework connections from around the world here. very good looking ladies indeed. is the 2nd friendfinder site BSE joined in 2005 and contains several Styles MC videos and networked friends from College in London and else where in the world.

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Work Opportunities

BSE is currently looking to network with Singers, Rappers, Actors, dancers and all other peeps 'Front' and 'Behind' the scenes looking to work in the industry so just 'Contact Us'


Bomb Shelter Entertainment, Emmasdale F737/27/C Flat 3, Mululu Road, P.O box 30396, Lusaka, Zambia.
Tel.- +260- 0977/0969 662960, 0955 310680, Email-,